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Help with exile, arma 3 dialog box


Apparently i posted this in the wrong section.

I was playing fine on the ccg servers through A1 launcher. Exile everything was working good except for the common error dialog box popping up.

The error box was the NO entry Bin\config.bin/cfgweapons/weaponslotsinfo.scope Which comes with a close button.

Exile screen of the chip bag shows in the background but the dialog box is behind that logo. I am unable to hit close now all of a sudden. Tried to reboot, uninstall arma 3 and exile. It still is hidden behind that chip bag and i can not remove it.

1. Is there anyway to alt tab, behind exile and close that window? Enter key, alt tab nothing works.

2. I could uninstall and delete all mods and redo them, but i believe that may not be the issue.



Behind the screen when i hit esc,




I have no way to drop the exile mod loading screen to hit Close on this window. It was fine before all of this.

Suggestions? nothing i did appears to work. I will try other servers just in case.


Hopefully i put this in the right section. Sorry i did not see this section, like i said lots has changed since returning to arma 3





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Thats my problem, they updated arma 3 today, and i did every test in the world to figure this out, sure enough with the download it updated to the new version and going through ccg through arma 3 game direct a big red X figures :(


Sorry, was hoping it was something simple to fix.

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