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Hi all. I understand how to add battleye exceptions to some degree though since I uploaded CBA_A3 to the server and added the launch parameter (no other addons installed) I keep getting script restriction #21. Every time I add the exception, it works but throws me another script restriction #21 with a different line of code every time. I then add the appropriate exception only to get another #21 restriction. I have had 5 so far and just wondering if this should be happening. I understand it's related to CBA_A3. It gave me a script restriction #15 at one point... then added exception and now back to the #21 restrictions but with different line of code every time. It's also thrown a script restriction #33 which I have added an exception for.

I added CBA_A3 because I believe it's a requirement to run CUP content on my server. I have not added CUP content on the server due to these restrictions I am getting atm.

Trouble is... every time I add an exception, I get another script restriction of a different code.


Would anyone please be kind enough to shed some light on this issue?

Here is a copy of my scripts.log excluding IP and GUID

#0 "on_waitUntilAndExecArray - [objNull];



addMissionEventHandler ["Loaded", {
private _tickTime = diag_tickTime;

_x set"

#21 "eEngine.sqf', 'cba_common_fnc_perFrameEngine'] call SLX_XEH_COMPILE_NEW;

cba_common_fnc_onFrame = {
private _tickTime = diag_t"

#21 "_keyHandler.sqf', 'cba_events_fnc_keyHandler'] call SLX_XEH_COMPILE_NEW;

['\x\cba\addons\events\fnc_keyHandlerDown.sqf', 'cba_e"

#21 "call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers '\x\cba\addons\common\XEH_postInit.sqf';"

#21 "ttings\fnc_init.sqf', 'cba_settings_fnc_init'] call SLX_XEH_COMPILE_NEW;
['\x\cba\addons\settings\fnc_set.sqf', 'cba_settings_fn"

#15 "Init.sqf"


if (isNil {canSuspend}) then {

["CBA_PFH", "onEachFrame", {
call cba_common_fnc_onFrame;

#21 "ged.sqf', 'cba_common_fnc_onTeamColorChanged'] call SLX_XEH_COMPILE_NEW;
['\x\cba\addons\common\fnc_synchTeamColors.sqf', 'cba_c"

#33 "f (_team != "") then {
_x assignTeam _team;
} count allUnits;

["CBA_setVehicleVarName", {
params ["_oldVeh", "_n"









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since you added cba to the list you need to add those scripts to the txt as said and so on but you did say you are not using anything that uses cba, so why did you add it to the commanline in the first place.

you can get another script.txt add that and take away cba all together as you dont use it, then do the normal scripts as needed

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Hi hogansheroes. I've added all the exceptions required and I can log in without anymore script restrictions with CBA_A3 installed.

The reason I added CBA_A3 is because I am adding CUP content which I believe requires CBA_A3 to function. Correct me if I'm wrong.




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