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XAMPP + Mysql = bambi timeout?


Hi there,


My second issue has arised. Unfortunately I had to change something in the MySQL database but the only form I am familiar with is PhpMyAdmin So I gone ahead and installed XAMPP to get everything setup. I replaced all the files etc made the new Exile database. everything worked. It connects properly and to my knowledge does not produce any errors. However now I am getting a bambi timeout error which is very odd.


Yes I do have CBA_A3 mod and Yes I did change the config setting in the exile_server to make it work. 

Yes bambi's were able to be created before on the non phpmyadmin MySQL just a vanilla install.


When I installed XAMPP and got everything setup it appeared that I had a bambi timeout creation error occuring. I also went ahead and checked if strict mode was on. it was so I set it with

SET @@global.sql_mode= ”;

Upon doing that it still gave the error so I made sure it was on non-strict mode.

I went ahead and ran 

SELECT @@sql_mode


After that it parsed out the following; 



So that means its no longer strict.


So far the following steps I've done


1. Make sure the connection is made between the MySQL and the server; Otherwise Arma3 Wont get past "reading mission"

2. Make sure I can load in. Which I can and I can normally select a spawn point. However it hangs at requesting bambi character.

3. I made sure MySQL is NOT set to strict mode.

4. I gave the user "exile" ALL permissions. I also triple checked to make sure it had the right privilidges etc etc


Is there anything I missed or overlooked? I'd be glad to know.


Thanks in advance!

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