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Weird bug - Certain items disappear Every single time a player rejoins the server


Hello, so I've noticed a weird bug. Every time players rejoin the server if they were wearing a Balaclava, a default ARMA/Apex balaclava, it disappears. I tried to spawn some in to test if it was just 1 or 2 specific ones, but upon trying to find them in the InfiStar admin menu, I found that these balaclavas don't show on the list of items within the game! Which is extremely weird as these are default A3 items.

There's not one single balaclava listed even when searching by class, nothing appears. Yet they are physically in-game, found on AI/NPC, traders, heli crashes... etc.

Can anyone think of a reason to why this would happen and what could cause this???

Appreciate any help.

[Edit] - These are the classes:

G_Balaclava_blk, G_Balaclava_oli, G_Balaclava_combat, "G_Balaclava_lowprofile","G_Balaclava_TI_blk_F", "G_Balaclava_TI_tna_F", "G_Balaclava_TI_G_blk_F", "G_Balaclava_TI_G_tna_F".


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