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I've played and asked people on many servers, but nobody knows: what are the pron magazines for? And in the game? :) In survival mods like Ravage every bit of paper can be used to light a fire, but here I can't find an in-game use for it.

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I don't think they have a use in the game yet. But I have been asked to do something with them on the RGN Tanoa server I script on.

I'm pretty sure they could be added as either an ingredient or tool possibly in any number of recipes.

I was thinking of using them as a tool that you need to have for different crafting recipes. Somewhat as you would need a blueprint. Something along the lines of needing the first mag for building wooden base parts and basic items crafting. As far as I can tell by looking in the code, it is rather simple to implement if it works like I think it does.


There are several unused items in the mod. I'm trying to come up with uses for them on my server.

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