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Hey one and all!

A friend and I have set up an Exile server. Running a few mods so far; Zombies and Demons, DMS - We are also looking to get the Enhanced Movement mod added (Once we get the Exile Compatibility PBO).

I would like to know if any of you guys can suggest any more mods to try?

We dont want to fill it with too many mods as im sure that will affect performance, but we would like to have a few decent extras to play test before unlocking the server. 

Also, there are a few things ive noticed so far with the core Exile setup, not sure if these are things that can be tinkered with in the server settings or if there are Mods to replace the in house facility (if that makes sense?)


Vehicles: There only ever appears to be the same 4 or 5 vehicles spawned, Quadbike, Octavius, Volha, the Defender Ambulance and the UAZ. Not sure if this is intentional (so you need to get Respect if you want something decent) or if there is some issue with the code. 

Loot: Loot appears to take a while to spawn - You can go through an entire building and not find anything except maybe a bottle of water and a few Prison magazines. Yet come back to the building like a minute or two later and more items have appeared. (the useful stuff) 

Healing: This seems a bit lacking for me. I dont like the idea of needing 10K+ respect in order to buy InstaDoc. (not too sure the actual default respect requirement, i just know its a lot)


Any input is appreciated and thanks for reading!







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