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Zombies are hitting hard


Quick question hope someone has a quick answer, but I have Ryan Zombies along with zombies and demons. I have went into the code and changed the parameter to hit not as hard.


zombielimit=100;    //zombies max spawn amount
zombiedamage=5;    //Damage of a zombie for a punch Default 20% HP on each hit
zombierun =0;         //Leave on 0 it's not working in 1.50 patch correctly
respawntime =120;    //time for respawn killed zombies
ztrigger ="House";  //Object type that triggers zombies when player in range use HouseL for A2 maps if no spawns
ztriggerrange =120; //trigger range from object

I am pretty sure I did it right, but obviously not. So is there somewhere else I need to edit or what else am I forgetting?

Forgot to add they are hitting hard as in two-three hits dead.

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The quickest answer is, get better at aiming for the head. :P


The longer answer would take some input for the developer of the spawning script. We would need to know if that script is updated to work with the latest version of Ryanzombies. If I recall correctly, that script hasn't been updated in some time. It may be that in Ryanzombies latest version, the variable that is being modified there is no longer the same, or has been modified in some way. If that is the case, then that config option will no longer work, and the script will have to be updated to work with the new changes. If it hasn't been changed at all, you would be doing exactly the correct thing, so I suspect that there has been something in later updates that broke it. 

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