DMS: Using a Groud Weapons Holder as Loot Crate?

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I was wondering if anyone had tried using the container used to spawn building loot as a loot crate in a mission?

I am in the beginning process of writing my own Invasion mission. And I had the novel idea of possibly using a loot pile in a building, instead of a loot box. Forcing the players to search the buildings to find where the invaders were stockpiling their loots.

Figured I would see what other folks thought of this idea.

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10 hours ago, Mezo said:

Sounds good :)


I haven't had a chance to write anything to test this yet. But I am excited to try it when I finish what I am working on.

The idea is to have a small group in a building guarding a loot pile while there is another patrolling through buildings like they are gathering loots. For some reason I got this crazy idea that I didn't want a crate.

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