New A3_DMS STATIC "Solar Powerplant Mission" (Defent's Mission Sysytem)

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Hi All,

The idea was to bring some fun use for the Altis "Solar Power Plant". The area is already an industrial place, so not many objects were placed, I added some objects just as an example in case the admin wants to add custom objects. Again, thx @Defent for the awesomeness!

Download:    https://drive.google.com/open?id=18ciozHWliNY8WiMnRwlOOjeW7fRTgksN  -  mission and link tested Jan28th, 2019.



Three steps for installing Powerplant Mission:

Add as a regular static mission:

Changes in a3_dms:
1 - Just drop powerplant.sqf           in a3_dms static missions folder:  \a3_dms\missions\static\
2 - Just drop powerplant_objects.sqf   in a3_dms static objects folder:   \a3_dms\objects\static
3 - Edit map_configs/altis_config.sqf and add "powerplant" to the missions and "powerplant_objects" to its objects.

Tip: this is close to the trader, check a3_dms configs to allow the mission to occur.

That's it!
Suggestions are welcome!


- My other a3_dms missions:


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Updated download link
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