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Spawning Dead



Whenever i open the game (exile Cherno) i start looking in a random direction. I cant move or do anything at all. I can then see that my screen top left has my name indicating that i am dead. I found a thread that says on the database i maybe dead and alive which is why when i click respawn i start in the exact same spot. 


I have recently updated my computer, so i have reinstalled arma 3 and A3 Launcher along with all the mods, so they are all up to date. In fact i have done this 3 times now. Any solutions? i can play fine  on all other Exile maps (altis etc)





This is the link 


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Contact the server admin and get them to take a look your account on their database. They should find in the damage column that in your case it's "1" this needs to be changed back to zero.


if that doesn't work they need to delete your account and that should fix the issue.

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