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Just thought I'd make a post to look for a group to play the Exile mod with. I'm not looking for a group for ARMA as I'm a founding member in a group already..

I'm a 36 year old from Canada and would prefer groups within my own timeline and maturity level.

I have been playing ARMA since the very first days of ARMA 2, so I'm not exactly new to the game,, just Exile.

Please do not friend me on steam just reply to this thread as I get a lot of friend requests and ignore them all..

Thanks for your time and I hope to make contact in the near future.


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Hello 3lockad3 and cody.reiger, I actualy have been forming a group of Exile players recently. If you are interested hit me up on steam and we can start playing together. Fair warning though most of the group will be a bit younger than you 3lockad3, late teens early tweneties. I am also glad that there are still people who remember A2 fondly enough to mention even today, still have meny memories on Chernarus personally.

Hope to see you fellas around,



Edit:  This offer is also open to anyone who sees this thread if you're interested, just friend me on steam and we can play together.

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Hello, we have a fun group of co-ed peeps from all over the US and Great Britain.  Generally we have anywhere from 2-20 players on at any given time.  Great community that works together, has fun, and have goofy fun events.  PM me if you're interested and I'll give you the deets.  Gaming ages run 19-50+.  Most gamers are in their mid-late twenties.  

We like chill people, if you rage quit because you got out of your vehicle and it runs you over... we'll laugh and we're probably not the group for you.

We have a community website and forum.  Also run a private teamspeak 3 server you're welcome to join.

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