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Help needed: mission.sqm breaks/changes when exporting it from the A3 editor


So please bear with me if this is obvious, I am super new to the editor, I've literally only opened it 4-5 times so I'm still learning the absolute basics.

I have an exile server and I wanted to run my mission file through the editor to place 2 - 3 static objects around the map. I did this, exported the mission file from the editor and uploaded it to the server... everything worked great, except that my mission.sqm changed from something readable that I understood, to something that looks encrypted or broken maybe.

How I was doing it:

  1. Opening ARMA, selecting multiplayer
  2. clicking host and starting a LAN server
  3. open a scenario and selecting my mission
  4. adding the few objects to the map
  5. Exporting the mission for multiplayer. That's it.

How it looked before:


How it looks now after the editor:


Can someone help me understand why this happens, I must be doing something wrong, but it's hard to find a decent noob friendly tutorial.

Appreciate any help, thanks

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On 01/10/2016 at 3:04 PM, BetterDeadThanZed said:

If  you want to add items to your server, you shouldn't add them in mission.sqm. Export them to initserver.sqf using the Exile Eden plugin or put them into a server side pbo.

Thank you for the reply and help.

[Edit] - Ok, so I have been playing around in the editor for the past couple of hours and I think I've found what you mean by saving to initserver.sqf. I was following a guide I read on BIS forum and that said to click export to MP, so I guess that's for A3 and not Exile.

But I need to ask, am I running the editor correctly because when I open my Exile.Tanoa scenario I can't see any of my traders, nor do I have a spawn point, so when I click Play Scenario to test what I've added, I just get stuck on a map overview and have to ctrl alt del and task manager close ARMA.

I run ARMA, then click multiplayer, host and start a new LAN server, and open my scenario. Is this the correct way?

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