Players teleport themselves to to events [Admin console script]

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Quite simple and easy, used for the server i help maintain 

event = player addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Teleport to event</t>", {player setPos [x,y,0];}];

This line add the prompt for them to teleport to the desired co-ordinates.  (Run through "global")


player removeAction event;

This will remove the prompt for all players. 


Im still new, so if anyone could help me with the {hint "you have been teleported"} that would be great.



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4 hours ago, Metalman10 said:

we need a way to make it so players don't kill each other when they teleport to the event. Maybe a

removeAllWeapons player;

idk but i will take a look

i believe that would remove the weapons from every player, unless we set it in a radius.

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