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script.txt: Exception Lines Interchangeable?

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In the process of putting up a new server, I'm trying to get ahead of some of the common BattlEye kick restrictions. I'm updating my scripts.txt server file by adding exceptions from another scripts.txt file. The file I'm taking the exceptions from doesn't match (as expected), and the server I'm comparing my server to is not necessarily running the same mods/addons.

I'd like to know if the lines in scripts.txt are interchangeable, such that:

File from another server has line 2 as:

7 eventHandler

My scripts.txt has line 2 as:

7 createUnit

Will it matter if I copy/paste line 2 from the other file into my scripts.txt, thus moving '7 createUnit' down to line 3? I understand to look 2 lines down when editing exceptions, but was just curious if BattlEye would adjust the message # accordingly, or would an error be thrown as line 2 was previously '7 createUnit', but after the copy/paste, line 2 is now '7 eventHandler' and line 3 is '7 createUnit'.


Excuse my ignorance, and thank you for any information provided.

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