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Script restriction plz help


here is what i get in log after i try connect and my game crashes


14:59:18 Player Madguy4894 connected (id=76561198156896217).
14:59:18 BattlEye Server: Verified GUID (76c8702a08e5ed9e66882458e3f2598d) of player #0 Madguy4894
14:59:21 BattlEye Server: Starting with Arma 3 1.58 all server admins will have to define a dedicated port in BEServer.cfg in order to be able to use BE RCon. Please see https://www.battleye.com/support/documentation/ for details.
15:00:37 BattlEye Server: Script Log: #0 Madguy4894 (76c8702a08e5ed9e66882458e3f2598d) - #36 "ualTo -1)then
15:00:37                   {
15:00:37                       if((typeOf player) isEqualTo 'Exile_Unit_Player')then
15:00:37                       {
15:00:37                           player setVariable ['atPgPaamr9TaGlc"
15:00:37 Player Madguy4894 kicked off by BattlEye: Script Restriction #36
15:00:37 Player Madguy4894 disconnected.



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