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What is it?

It is a server addon that adds lootable buildings and other map objects to your ARMA 3 EXILE server.

Actually, it will work on any ARMA 3 server.

How does it work?

It's a pretty simple setup. You have two options:

  1.  You can drop the RAGE_MAP_ADDON.PBO into your server's @ExileServer/addons folder and start that puppy up!
  2.  Unpack the RAGE_MAP_ADDON.PBO and edit the globaldefines.hpp. Each area of map content can be switched off or on from there. Repack that RAGE_MAP_ADDON.PBO, drop it into the @ExileServer/addons folder of your server. Then start it on up.

It's still pretty simple to install. Just an added step now:

  1. Download it.
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Either copy and paste the RAGE_MAP_ADDON.PBO into your servers @ExileServer/addons folder or unpack it and edit it to you liking first, then upload it.
  4.  Unpack your servers mission.pbo and paste the entire custom folder from the download into it and repack the PBO. Upload the new PBO to your servers mpmissions folder.
  5.  Enjoy!


  •  Addon will detect which map you are running on your server. If you are running a map for which the addon has content, the addon will add it.
  •  Easy to pick and choose which map content you desire through the globaldefines.hpp.
  • So freaking easy to install! OMFG! So easy!
  • Any buildings in the addon are lootable. This has been tested a lot. Because it is kind of pointless to add building that don't spawn loot.

Map Content:

[WIP] Bridge Alpha (Tanoa): 

This bridge has seen a lot of action. Fought over, conquered and reconquered. This is the Map content for the Bridge Alpha Static Mission I am writing. Basically just adds some environment around this particular bridge.

More cover around the bridge heads, some wrecks to make the area look contested and act as additional cover/concealment, plus a few lootable buildings to attract players to the area.

This is designed to run without the mission associated with it.

[WIP] Comms Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Tanoa):

Some added lootable buildings and cover/concealment for Comms Whiskey on the Contaminated Island.

[WIP] Station Alpha Foxtrot Bravo (Tanoa):

An extensive addition of buildings and objects at the Red Spring Surface Mine.



Go check it out:

RGN Alpha Gamer Exile - Tanoa

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I'm working on this daily at this point. For now, only the finalized parts of Bridge Alpha are included.

I'm in the editor right now refining the code that detects the World Name and calls the proper map files. There will be an updated file as soon as I finish.

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9 hours ago, Skittles™ said:

is this it? 



That is the very first bit.

I was in the editor rewriting code that initializes the proper content for each map. I just got home from work and have an empty server now, so I can do some testing. Once tested, I will have an update later today.

I added the beginnings of my Red Spring Mine content and some content for Saint Marie Island.

Did you check the military tower for loot? It spawns loot on my server. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Just Uploaded a new Update.

New code for identifying which map content to load.

New file structure inside PBO.

Added some of the Red Spring Mine content for Tanoa.

Then I got to working and added more stuff.

So, yet another update. Look at me go!

Added Kavala Destruction for Altis Map.  This may help @jmayr2000

Added Kavala Hospital for Altis Map.

Added Kavala Wrecks for Altis Map.


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Did a second Update!
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