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Helicopters Exploding on Landing


Hi all, 

First off... LOVE the mod.  Thank you!!!


So, I've a recurring problem.  I land my helicopter on top of my base and it explodes... say 1 time in 12-15.  Enough that it's very close to game-breaking for me.

It happens on concrete and wood floors with plenty of clearance and gentle landings

It happens when the helo is at 100% health

It happens irrespective of the direction I face when I land

One base is on land, made of wood

The other is built on a reef (both in Tonoa) and made of concrete

On one base I'm landing above the flag, but it doesnt protrude

On the other I am landing well aside from the flag, and it DOES protrude

Is there a temp fix for this whilst I hope for a permanent fix from Exile?

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I know it's not the answer you're hoping for, but, bases and any player build object are not solid ground, so even though it can be convenient and cool to land a chopper on your roof, just stop doing it if it's a problem.

To give you even more evidence of the need for landing on solid ground - one of my mates has a base at the airfield just north-east of the Volcano, he has the exact same issue of choppers blowing up when landing or storing/fetching to and from the virtual garage. He has this issue even though he doesn't land on his base... he lands on the airfield. So why does he have this issue... because that airfield is 'Not' solid ground, the whole airstrip is on legs raised up off the ground, there's water and ground under it, so it's not solid.

You are not alone my friend, plenty of my mates and players on my server have the same issue, just stop landing on bases.

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