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Mater Tater

Players needed to test server for bugs/ kicks



I am working on getting my server up and I seem to be having issues with people trying to join, but not being able to get into the server. I was wondering if anyone could try to join and see if they can get in. I don't have the rpt's from when people joined as I had done a complete reinstall before I found out that this was happening so not sure if it's a Battleye kick or something else. Any help would be very appreciated. 


the IP address is it should have LFDH in the title (it's taking a while to update a title change in A3 launcher but should have this int he title either way). 


Please let me know if you are able to connect. Feel free to play a bit and let me know if you notice any issues or get kicked for any reason. 

Thanks in advance. 

To admins, if this is in the wrong place, can u plz move it to the right place. Thank you

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