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Script restriction #29

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Server log gives me

08.10.2016 09:31:13: =SWF= Iwazzio (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:XXXX) 9e7c63f72572b8a567dcebdf682d0f2d - #29 "

if (isNil "BIS_fnc_MP_packet") then {BIS_fnc_MP_packet = compileFinal ""}; 

if (getnumber (configfile >> "CfgFunctions" >> "

Script Filter tool gives me

!=if (isNil \"BIS_fnc_MP_packet\") then {BIS_fnc_MP_packet = compileFinal \"\"}"


!=if (getnumber (configfile >> \"CfgFunctions\" >> "

do i need to add this somewhere on my server scripts.txt or is there somethign else i need to do

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