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Needed Arma 3 Exile Scripter/Admin/Developer

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Hi, Welcome to New Survival Gaming,

i have just started a new Arma 3 Exile server and have installed a couple of basics like InfIStar and a couple of DMS missons but now looking for more advanced stuff the require members with knowledge of changing the map and just checking over the server again once in a while and managing it :) 

I'm looking for people to jump on and help from the ground up, experience would be a bonus, but willingness to learn and develop is all I ask.  I have very little knowledge about this, but I am also learning.  All ideas will be listened to, this isn't just for people looking to have God mode on server, this is for people who want to make a server good for the people playing on it.

please reply to this, send me a private message on here or steam or join my teamspeak! :D 

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TeamSpeak: ( just poke me-JakeFx) 

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