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Hello there,

I am in search of a partner to join me on my journey to creating a community. I am preferably looking for someone who has a little more knowledge than I do. With that being said, My knowledge is a little advanced in minimal areas, but mostly basic understanding of coding files and missions etc. Also, I am in search of an admin or two as I can not always be on. To qualify for the admin position, I ask that you be 17+ years of age with a solid maturity standing. If anyone is interested please comment or pm me with why you want to join me and your knowledge or why you would want to be an admin. The server is already set-up essentially. Missing 1 or 2 things that need a little editing. Server is also already equipped with anti-hack, ryanzombies, NIArms, CBA, and HVP almost ready to go, facing a few issues I am trying to fix before I go live. Leave me a message if you are interested!

Thank you,


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Hello my name is KonstantinGames, and I am interested in a position in your server. To start things off I am 15, and I hope you are flexible on age. I am mature, and I RP as much as I can. I love to play Arma, and most importantly help people. I have 516 hours in Arma 3. I have no experience with technical work, and coding. I also have no experience as a server admin, but I can learn. I am interested in a role as a staff member, or other position if available. I can be a TS3 Dev if you don't have one yet. I would love to finally become an admin, and help out creating a server with you. Just to let you know I am not familiar with Exile mods so I need to get used to that. I am mainly experienced with Altis Life , and Lakeside servers. I see this as an opportunity to help maintain, and launch this server to the community of dedicated Arma players. I believe that I can benefit your sever by helping the players, TS3 editing (if needed), and etc... Please reply when you can! I am excited to hear back! I hope my application is accepted, and that I can make a position into your server!

Thank you,


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