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Increase Zombie Count - ExileZ


So I have successfully added ExileZ to my private server for me and my friends and everything works great. After a long night of testing things out, we came to the conclusion that the zombie spawn rate needs to be increased in all the red zones. For the life of me I can not figure out were to find this in anybof the sqf files. If anyone could shed some light on this for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Trigger_1 = [				 //Cities
/* 0  Use this trigger */    True,               // Self - explanatory
/* 1  Trigger Positions */   MainCities,             // The name of the array used to list all trigger position in the TriggerPositions.sqf file
/* 2  Max Zombies */         10,                 // The maximum number of zombies for that trigger.
/* 3  Activation Delay */    15,                 // The delay before the activation of the trigger.
/* 4  Spawn Delay */         15,                 // The delay between each zombie spawn right after the activation until the Max group size is reached.
/* 5  Respawn Delay */       60,                 // The respawn delay after the max group size was reached
/* 6  Show Trigger On Map */ true,               // Put a marker at the location and radius of the trigger on the map
/* 7  Marker Color */        "ColorRed",         // Color of the trigger
/* 8  MarkerBrush */         "Solid",            // "Solid","SolidFull","Horizontal","Vertical","Grid","FDiagonal","BDiagonal","DiagGrid","Cross","Border","SolidBorder"
/* 9  Marker Alpha */        0.2,                // Alpha of the trigger *(0 is invisible 1 is opaque)
/* 10 Marker Text */         "",                 // The text on the trigger
/* 11 Vest group */          Basic,              // The name of the Array used to list all the possible vest for that trigger. ZVest.sqf
/* 12 Loot group */          Useful,             // The name of the Array used to list all the possible loot for that trigger. ZLoot.sqf
/* 13 Zombie group */        MediumCiv,          // The name of the Group used to list the zombies possible for that trigger.  ZClasses.sqf
/* 14 Avoid Territory */     false,              // Zombie will not spawn in territories and will die in them if RemoveZfromTerritory is true
/* 15 Mission Radius */      0,                  // Up to how far from the center of the trigger the mission LOOT can spawn.
/* 16 Mission SQF */         nil,                // The location of the Mission file related to that trigger *(use M3Editor to create the file.) THIS IS STATIC AND WILL NOT MOVE WITH THE TRIGGER
/* 17 Loot Box */            nil                 // The location of the Missionloot file related to that trigger *(See example file zmissionloot.sqf)

For each trigger.

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