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Hello guys, i was wondering if anyone could help me, ive recently started a server up and i have my restarts scheduled every 3 hours, they work fine through infistar and the server host, except my status bar, i have no idea how sync it with my server restarts, ive changed the time to 3 hours in the config like the restart time but everytime i spawn in it just counts down from 3 hours, every single time i spawn, i could spawn in 20 mins before restart is due and it will start counting down from 3 hours, does anyone know how to sync it so when i spawn in 15 mins from restart itll show 0:15?

this is my config.

        uiSleep 1;
        //moved the creation of the status bar inside the loop and create it if it is null,
        //this is to handle instance where the status bar is disappearing 
        if(isNull ((uiNamespace getVariable "osefStatusBarAdmin")displayCtrl 55554)) then
            diag_log "statusbar is null create";
            _rscLayer = "osefStatusBarAdmin" call BIS_fnc_rscLayer;
            _rscLayer cutRsc["osefStatusBarAdmin","PLAIN"];
        //initialize variables and set values
        _unit = _this select 0;
        _damage = round ((1 - (damage player)) * 100);
        //_damage = (round(_damage * 100));
        _hunger = round (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2);
        _thirst = round (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3);
        _wallet =  (player getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]);
        _lockers = (player getVariable ["ExileLocker", 0]);
        _stamina = ExileClientPlayerScore;
        _energy = 100;
        _energyPercent = 100;
        _serverFPS = round diag_fps;
        _pos = getPosATL player;
        _dir = round (getDir (vehicle player));
        _grid = mapGridPosition  player; _xx = (format[_grid]) select  [0,3]; 
        _yy = (format[_grid]) select  [3,3];  
        _time = (round(180-(servertime)/60));  //edit the '240' value (60*4=240) to change the countdown timer if your server restarts are shorter or longer than 4 hour intervals
        _hours = (floor(_time/60));
        _minutes = (_time - (_hours * 60));
        _bodyTemperature = round((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 5) *10)/10.0; //call ExileClient_util_math_round;//body temp
        _environmentTemperature = round (ExileClientEnvironmentTemperature * 10) /10.0;//air temp
        switch(_minutes) do


i have this at the bottom of my desrciption

    #include "addons\StatusBar\statusBar.hpp"

and the files in my @exileserver/addons



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