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I'm thinking about creating persistent vehicles, loot and trader inventory.  

The idea is that all cars, loot and trader stock would be generated at first server boot and written to the database.  From that point, the loot-spawner reads from the DB and spawns known items, consistently across reboots.  If players leave an area then come back an hour or a week later, they'll see the same loot in the same spawn positions (assuming no one else has taken it).  If someone dies, their gear will stay there until someone else collects it.  Trader stock would be finite; if someone buys the last .338 from the trader, there's no more until you find or 'liberate' one from another player.  The gear you sell to the trader stays in their inventory and is available to other players.  Building bases and stockpiling food and equipment denies that gear to enemy and helps you survive.

I know this places extra load on the server.  I run a 20 player server on Chernarus with *plenty* of headroom and I'd severely limit the amount of gear that spawns initially and then add only minimal gear as the game progresses via infrequent missions.  Also, I'd be writing this gear to the database and loading it back in as players get within a certain distance, not leaving 10,000 WeaponHolders scattered across the map.

I figure I'll run a consistent world for a month or three, then re-generate the loot and trader tables and go through another cycle.

So before I start, is there anything like this out there already?  Any mods/addons I should be familiar with?

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Persistent vehicles is an easy one, I think Reborn does it already. 

The closest with loot would be the DayZ SA style spawner, but I haven't looked much into that one.

Trader inventory has yet to be done to my knowledge. I've done something similar already for Exile life, but I'd love to see this available for default Exile as well, so good luck! 

The persistent gear thing would be kind of cool actually. I have yet to see someone do something like that. If you can get it so it's as efficient as exiles loot spawner, you may not see any performance drop with it. 

Just get real comfortable with extDB and MYSQL, as you will be doing a lot of it. Also, since you will be pinging the database a lot, making sure your new tables are properly set up and your calls are as efficient as possible. 

Good luck! I look forward to seeing it. 

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Yeah, OK.  I've properly looked into this and I'm not going to attempt it.

Better devs than me might become inspired at some point (fingers crossed) but I have no business taking this on.

Let's just add this one to the 'Exile ideas' pile...

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