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Hey all, 

I know some of you are programmers and I hope someone can help me. I have a project in the works and I have been completely screwed over by a programmer. He waited until we launched our kickstarter before having a paddy and telling me that he is moving from something he was using to coffeescript ++, it would benefit us, which is great but his timing was so bad, we have a tech demo (if you can call it that because so much isn't working) and I wanted him to be adding to the program while the kickstarter was running so people could see progress, I told him it was terrible timing and that because he had made no progress since july it wasn't worth carrying on with the kickstarter and he had a strop. 

I really need someone to take over and become the lead programmer. I cannot pay any money but will happily split the profits with you once the product is working and I have something I can sell. If you are even slightly interested and want more information then please let me know and we can skype and I can show you what we have and what I wanted to do with the software. 

thanks for looking 


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