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Server Not Responding


So... I, along with another server manager are having strange issues with our servers "crashing" however the server doesn't actually crash. What happens instead is, the server will drop CPU util down to about 10% and memory usage to like 400Mb, then stay there, not processing anything. Players in the server aren't kicked, connections aren't closed, the server console doesn't switch to Not Responding. Everything points to the server working normally, however it clearly isn't. Players are stuck in the same animation they were performing before the crash, and database changes aren't dumped to the database before closing. There arent any RPT's or Dumps created. The only solution is to close the process and start over.

I found remedy by completely reinstalling the server files from fresh, but it lasted only 1 week. Im not sure whether this is an Arma bug, an Exile bug, or anything to do with my configs. However the other server manager reports the same issue, however we are using entirely different setups with pretty much everything different incl. malloc, binaries, missions, mods, configs. The only things that bear resemblance are the mods we share in common.

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