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So i have a couple ideas that i think might be cool to implement into the game. Some of these yes, they have been talked about but we will see what everyone thinks on it.

First off:

Vehicle destruction - I think it would be nice if you could make it where when you destroy someones vehicle/s that if there is stuff in it it randomly selects a couple items and drops it on the ground, that way your not just destroying someones vehicle for the simple reason of grieving someone. say there are 10 items in the car, when you destroy it it will drop 2, 3, 4, maybe 5 items out of the 10 on the ground?

Windows (for buildings) - It would be cool if now that it seems everyone has Enhanced Movements that now we have the option to put glass in the windows, ya glass isnt really going to stop them but it will make them have to shoot the window out in order to get into the base which would give you a heads up if you are at your base that someone is trying to raid you, then on top of that maybe make it where you can reinforce your windows kinda like a jail cell window (you would need metal poles, screws, and a screwdriver?) then you can still have windows but not have to worry about people getting in.... that is unless you wanna take it a step further and make it where you can attach a rope to a vehicle and pull the bars off the window? =P but only certain vehicles can do it (BTR, Ural, big vehicles).

Bow and Arrow - ..... pretty self explanatory, you can have a compound one that you can find, or you can make one out of wood and rope?

Bayonet - I think this one would be fun, it would just take the place of a silencer and you can just switch between that and the gun with select fire.

Radiation and a Suit - this one has been talked about a lot, i think it would be cool to put in, maybe get a custom radiation suit that is really rare to find then you can have high value loot in random zones, 30 seconds in the zone without the suit kills you, you can have a gas mask but that only prolongs it to 1 minute... maybe two?

Last but not least:

Grappling gun - you can use an existing rocket launcher or make a new gun from scratch, it will have two types of ammo, a grappling hook and a  grappling arrow. The grappling hook will be used if you're typically on the ground and need to get to the top of a building, you shoot it over the top of the building and it hooks and you can climb up and over. The grappling arrow comes with a little tripod stand and you can shoot the arrow at anything, you can go building to building straight across, you can go from building to ground and zip line down, you can shoot it at a tree and zip line off into the woods, both grappling guns and arrows will have a max length, say maybe 20-50 meters? that way people aren't scaling HUGE buildings or zip lining 2 miles away from the building.

These are just some random ideas, maybe they will work maybe not, tell me what you think and lets see if we can get these into the game!

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