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Team AGG (pro esports organization) is looking to create a gaming clan

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Team AGG is one of if not the fastest growing esports organization in the world. We house teams in many games all across the world with our teams ranking in as high as number 6th in the world. 

As a gaming clan we expect to keep our reputation of having only the highest quality of players. We are looking for active players who are familiar with the game and its mods. We will be just as active of a clan as we are an esports organization bringing quality game play in clan battles, youtube content and more.

Through Team AGG you will get various benefits through our sponsors and other various perks. We will also be setting up various affiliate style campaigns to help our members to be compensated financially for their involvement in Team AGG



- Must be active with our clan a minimum of 5 hours a week

- Must be willing to progress as a player and in our ranks

- Must be active in all clan related discussions on our forums, discord, teamspeaks, etc

- Most of all you must represent our company and image in the best way possible. This meaning that you will not be a cancerous or toxic player


Application Format:

- What is your experience on Arma 2, Arma 3, and various mods?

- How often do you play and during what time? (convert time zone to eastern standard time)

- Whats your age?

- What roles do you typically play?


Please post applications at


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