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hunger / thirst reset on reconnect



when I disconnect & reconnect to my server, my hunger & thirst ist back to 100%.

It seems these things are not saved to the database, but there are no errors in the extDB-logfiles.


Any ideas on this?

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10 hours ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

Since you don't provide much information, all I can tell you is that it works in vanilla Exile.


sorry for not providing much info, but what exactly do you need? I could have uploaded gigabytes of data but I don't think that would have been better. :-S


If I use the default Exile.Altis.pbo as mission, hunger / thirst works. If I use my Exile.Esseker.pbo, it does not save and resets on reconnect.

I'd say it looks like the problem is in my mission file, so I compared all files inside the missions, but ca't find any "important" differences.



Exile.Altis -> Exile.Esseker


- adjusted some vehicle prices

- removed some cars from buying -> commented out some items in their classes (e.g. class Cars).


enableDebugConsole = 0; -> enableDebugConsole = 1;


- removed everything below "if (!hasInterface || isServer) exitWith {};"

- added my own traders


- removed this file from my Exile.Esseker.pbo because it only contains of trader-objects, russian roulette and concrete mixers wich i don't need at the moment.


- files match


- adjusted class Groups (Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer locations)

- adjusted class Markers (ExileSpawnZones, ExileTraderZones)


Hope this is enough information. If you need more to help, just tell me ;-)

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