[SOLVED] $50 USD to get my server DB's backup working. (PayPal)

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I am so fed up. For nearly 2 months now, our wonderful, small family server has been broken. I have running it (learning as i go) for nearly a year+ and everything was working perfectly. Suddenly one day, the DB stopped saving. We could play for 1 hour (almost to the minute), and the server would crash; auto-reboot. We would log back in immediately, and the entire hour of gameplay had been gone; as if it had never happened. I reinstalled everything (SEVERAL times) and thankfully saved a copy of the DB once we rebuilt our compound and respawned all lost items. NOW... I can't get the backup to load properly. Items load into the DB but don't show in-game. I've had enough.

I don't care WHAT you have to do. Just get our items in the DB to load in-game.. and SAVE properly... and once I verify that all is well, I will send payment through PayPal. I have already done this a couple times with people here on the forums that can testify to my reliability. Call it payment, donation, I don't care. I am about ready to shutdown our server and call it a day; and I know the whole family will be disappointed.

Hope someone out there can help.

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Here's what I'm using:


1. Edit the mysqlbackup.bat-file:


:: Name of the database user with rights to all tables
set dbuser=root

:: Password for the database user
set dbpass=<Your password here>

:: Error log path - Important in debugging your issues
set errorLogPath="c:\MySQLBackups\backupfiles\dumperrors.txt"

:: MySQL EXE Path
set mysqldumpexe="C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\bin\mysqldump.exe"

:: Error log path
set backupfldr=c:\MySQLBackups\backupfiles\

:: Path to data folder which may differ from install dir
set datafldr="C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\Data"

:: Path to zip executable
set zipper="c:\MySQLBackups\zip\7za.exe"

:: Number of days to retain .zip backup files 
set retaindays=5


2. Use a scheduler to run the batch-file ever as so often as you want backups (ie. windows scheduler or firedaemon), and watch the folder fill up with backups.

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If you were able to restore the DB backup and it's showing correctly in the database, then it is probably an issue with something in the mission or config files.

Double check your extDB2 .ini files specifically the database config section.  

Since it's restarting every hour, maybe the script-based auto-restart is enabled?   I believe that is in your mission file's config.cpp or the exile_server_config.

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