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Hi guys, so I've been having some issues with my server and thought it could be the database, so I decided to create a new one, i transferred everything over using CSV files but the construction table just would not pull all the items..

I then realized the table was only showing a maximum amount of items, this was being replicated in the CSV output, so I was not getting the whole construction table, with a few hundred parts left out in the list. (Explains why half the stuff was missing in game)

So, I did a SQL file export of the construction table and boom. There was all 1k+ items. 

Now after importing this into the new table, again. I'm only seeing around 900 items but they do show in game. So they are imported BUT I again cant view anything after 900 items in the table, so my question is there some sort of maximum count on the construction table? If so where do I change it? If not why are some items not able to be shown?

I hope somebody understands what I'm saying lol.



Edit: Got it.. haha.. Ohh  funny.

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