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Base Relocate Administration Tool / Trader Anti Build Zones

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A feature which would allow admin to move a flagpole and entire base away from a trader.   Have custom zone radius that prevent players from building 1000m or closer to a trader.

Reason: Recently I was instructed by admin to relocate my  base as it fell within 1000m of the Airport Trader. After instructing the 2 other people in the server of the grace period they took it upon themselves to force admin to prove said grace period was issued. I ended up loosing surrounding concrete walls to the main structure and sandbags after being attacked while building. These items are not purchasable with the Tabs I was compensated with and are a lot of work to replace.  This led to two unfinished bases that were vulnerable and naturally got attacked by inconsiderate players. This negative experience forced a loss of interest and I currently no longer play.

Any tools scripted to prevent or deal with a situation like this would be helpful.

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If you were able to build within 1000m of a trader, it's because the community that runs that server reduced the distance from the trader in which you can build. By default, this setting exists:

	 * Defines the minimum distance to safe zones / trader cities where players
	 * cannot build territories
	minimumDistanceToTraderZones = 1000;

That would prevent you from putting down a flag within 1000m. If they are asking players not to build within 1000m of a trader, then they need to use the above setting. 

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