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Hey all I really need some help. I have several players on my server who are  getting banned for no apparent reason. One has admin privileges on infiSTAR of the other two one has been banned twice for running and the other gets banned after a couple of hours on the server. I know he is not hacking and I cannot fathom why he is getting banned. 

I have the server running on Altis with infiSTAR, DMS, ZCP, Occupation, BDTZ, EXAD, Most Wanted, Advanced towing, RAGE map addons. 

Looking at the kick log the person being kicked the most is kicked for BadCtrlText: god mode on Display #24 Control #101 - god mode | 2h 19min 1s. I was using esp to watch him play, he got shot, I watched him as he was spawning in and was parachuting down, he didn't make it to the floor and he got kicked.

I have added him to the infiSTAR global whitelist, I have made a sudo admin section on infiSTAR and added him to it. I have read through everything and I just cannot understand why he or the others is getting kicked. I feel like the server is running really well but players tell me that so often people try to connect and then get disconnected and that they have had kicks for no reason and the worst is getting banned. 

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction or better still, is there anyone that will take a look at my files and tell me if I have messed something up because I really can't understand what the hell is going on and I cannot begin to solve the issue for these guys. I just want them to have a great experience and if they keep getting kicked they are eventually going to stop coming back. 

Thank you for looking


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