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Hello and welcome to, Sway. An Exile / Altis Life team. We are mainly playing Exile, and looking to expand our team with skilled and cooperative people. One thing you must realize is that we have a ranking system, the more you shine the better rank and more say you have. We are also split into 4 Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. You must listen to your squad leader, and your higher ranked officers. We focus around having strategies to take people and missions down. We are not new to the Arma community, we've been under a few different names, but we are here to stay now.


Requirements to apply are as follow

17 + (Or younger if you can show it)

Must have a mic

Must have TeamSpeak installed

Know how to play Arma / Exile

Know how to follow orders

Know when to have 'coms' (communication devices) clear

Have a reasonable knowledge in combat strategies


If you think you meet all the requirements apply here -


Add me on steam -

Add the secondary recruiter on steam -

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