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So I'm trying to put the objects I made in the m3editor in the initserver.sqf and when I load into the server they aren't showing up. I don't know if I'm missing something extremely simple, or if I fucked something up royally. But here's the deal, I have a trader at the NE Airfield already custom built, and the trader is there, with all the objects, it works perfectly. I tried putting my Stary trader in the initserver.sqf and it just doesn't want to work. Here's my RPT file, ignore all the unknown classnames I still haven't fixed that, not a problem here i don't believe


Here's my sqf (part where I put the stary trader)


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Uhmm, don't even worry about helping me. I'm completely retarded. I was super tired last night and I tried to add in a sign right above where I put my Stary trader and I didn't close a bracket.


However, if anyone is searching for help for the same, comment here or message me and I can help you.

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