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I am trying to get an LAN server going atm with the hopes of turning it into a public server. I can connect to the server fine, but right upon Exile beginning to load the world, I get disconnected with a message saying "Session lost." Everything seems to be going fine with the server but I just cannot connect to it. Here is the rpt file, I don't see any errors:

What I have done:

Re-installed everything from scratch, not using a pre-setup server package.

Downloaded fresh copies of client for server and client

Downloaded fresh copies of server for server

No errors with MySQL table/schema creation or connection

Both client and server are running on the same exact build, 107410

Verify signatures and BattleEye are enabled, but produce no errors

Server is only running @Exile and @ExileServer mods and client is only running @Exile mod.

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#1 - Check for firewall settings on BOTH machines

#2 - Check for virus programs running on BOTH machines

#3 - Copy the mission.pbo from the server to the client pc

#4 - Ensure you can actually 'ping' the server and/or setup a share on the server.  Network issues = No share




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