How do i put a custom map for Napf on my server?

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Hey guys recently i have been working on the Map Napf putting down custom traders and a few extra buildings, I did look to see if someone had a Pbo that i could use but no one was willing to share there own and i understand that.

So with that being said, i went ahead on my own and made my own trader cities using M3editor & 3DEN. and put some buildings down in places i thought would be good.

Now my next step i want to upload my custom Napf map to my server but i have no knowledge on how to do so properly.

If someone could be so kind and help a brother out that would greatly appreciated, I also seen a tut on this but he wasn't very clear on how to do it nor were his instructions clear on where to edit the files for the traders.

Thanks in advance to anyone that could help even a little, every bit of help is appreciated here.



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Hey Crazy Mike!

Thanks so much for replying.

so right now, i actually don't even have the vanilla version of Napf installed to my server and if i were to put those Objects into the Altis mission file it wouldn't make much sense to me could you possibly tell me how to install the map to my server?

I know i need CUP Terrains Core and the Map obviously but that's all i know.

Thanks a lot man i appreciate your help.

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