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Please add a new gas mask GP-5 in Exile

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Hey everyone. For Namalsk map was add in mod an radioactive zones and gas mask it self.

But, Namalsk is (formally) part of Russia ( city Vorkuta in the Komi Republic, Russia, situated just north of the Arctic Circle in the Pechora coal basin at the Usa River. (p.s. wikipedia)).
And in Russia you still able to buy a gas mask called as GP-5.

Dear developers, may you add this gas mask in game as alternative current gas mask?
And i hope that community is get interested in this.

With my regards.




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2 hours ago, Azazel said:

Maybe add an option to add community gas mask from our choice? :)

I like gas mask from R3F Units ^^

There's a choice. If you want or need in it i can write how to edit default gas masks...
But still remain a problem that only R3F Units contain a gas masks and Exile ((((

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