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Stock Tanoa tables - loot not spawning in all bldgs

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So I'm running the out-of-the-box loot and bldg tables.  But loot isn't spawning in some of the buildings.  For example Land_Airport_01_controlTower_F (and some others) has no loot spawning in - ever. Most buildings are spawning loot OK.  I used Infistar and hopped the map and none of those towers spawn loot.  There are no errors or warnings in my client or server .rpt files.  For the classes that don't spawn loot, none of those bldgs spawn loot.  And they're not close to a trader or other no-build zone.  I tried editing the class for the control tower with spawn coordinates from another config.cpp posted in this forum but still no loot.  I did log onto a few other Tanoa servers and they are spawning loot in that control tower.   The rest of my config.cpp is OK since everything else works as intended.  It just seems that about 8 or 10 building classes don't spawn loot.  So is there anything that could be causing this inconsistency?  Although I'm running the standard files, here's the section for the tower:

	class Land_Airport_01_controlTower_F
		table = "Military";
		positions[] = {{-1.33838, -2.1748, 4.21085},{2.74023, -2.18848, 4.21085},{3.20215, 3.36816, 4.21085},{0.688477, -0.482422, 7.91645},{-1.7041, 2.05859, 7.91645},{0.241699, 1.05566, 4.65807}};


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No capital "c".  I used Infistar to query the actual bldg in-game.   It exactly matches the classname.   And I've checked out other Tanoa maps, also thinking that maybe those buildings won't spawn loot.  So I tried to find the most vanilla Tanoa maps I could and all that I found DID spawn loot in the control tower.  I'm not using CUP weapons - only CUP vehicles (mainly because I wanted the old fishing boat - it fits the island nature of the game).  If it is object-size related, I'd still expect some of the smaller objects of the "military" class to spawn in.  Bot nothing ever spawns in any of those buildings anywhere on the map.

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