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Hello, i am  a developer with a bunch of experience looking to start a community with some other people. Will include exile servers and possibly many more.  You will need to be able to help fund with me and have the dedication to make the server the best possible, i will contribute the most time i can into this. If you are interested just hmu with a msg on exilemod.com and we can talk when we are both available. Thanks for taking your time to read this and i look forward to hearing from you:D - Ryan^H

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Hello Ryan,

we are a smale community, at mom less than 10 users and we had a exile server up to the 10.0.0 ver. 

we are loking for a helping hand to establish a new server in ver. 10.0.2... and further in future. i got a running W2k8R2 Server with firedeamon and infistar. the 10.0.0 is allready backuped because we had no time, manpower and knowledge to setup the 10.0.2 with the old script configuration... (the scriptes ar the problem)

Our main scripter stop working because he must spend more time into Job and social development... We tried together a setup of the 10.0.2 but after some days of fail i/we dont like to spend so many time that i get problems like he (job and social) two...

The Server/host system is a Intel core i7 4790 with 4,0Ghz 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. its quite fast and got the best singlecore performance. the connection is a full Gbit network without any restictions, if its needed i can establish a redundant system for loadbal or whatever. 

our wish:

  get a good server,

  start up a community,

  establish some alternative gameplays,

  establish a donator system, based on a free to give policy like "you like the server than you can support us" !

  all players are equal on the server and infistar is only for support! we all play but rule is without a tool!


In the past, the experience whas intresting, if you got a good server the players ask to donate, so i dont have a problem to spend the server and try to make it good, if we get it, we grow naturally, not exponential.

if you are intrested to help us with your experience lets mail or talk on our TS

best/kind regards, duke


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