Moving Custom Buildings Client-side increases performance?

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Clearly late to this. Bottom line is. If you are going to steal content without permission, don't try to defend your actions like you are just. You are a wrong. I care about the time I put into my work. I release some of it to give back. I respect people who want to keep some of their work. Whether that is through the editor or a script. It's not only the law on bohemia and most places, it is being a good human. If you are going to steal, just do it but i'm not going to let you belittle my work because it's done with a tool (as is most work). and if you steal it without permission, damn right BI and a DMCA will be coming. It's not just damaging to running a server and the community, it's just disrespectful for someones time and work, because you are too lazy to learn yourself or ask to use. Why create scripts if kids will rip them off with no credit and treat them as their own.

Speil over. I think respect is important.

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