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Been running a server with DMS on it, and I'm loving it. Some of the players on the server have been requestiong Ryans Zombies and Demons, so I wanted to get a headless client connected so I can offload that AI. Evertime the HC attempts to connect, the server.rpt shows the error "12:51:24 Client: headlessclient - Kicked off because of invalid ticket: 1 - 8".

Probably important info: The server AND HC are both remotely hosted for me through Nitrado. I also have 2 servers hosted through ArmaHosts, both of which I have tried to setup as HC. All of these HC are giving the same error when attempting to connect. Anyone have any insight on this? I have included the headless client in the servers config file, and battleye is completely removed from the server.


Also, if this is the wrong place to post this, let me know. I'm new to the forums, and looked around a bit, but couldnt find a better place to post it. Thanks guys


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