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I was playing with the class name system of Arma 3. If you need a list of class names to generate a mission I always felt that it takes a long time until you have the list of items. The class names are always hard to find out (even more if you use mods). The virtual arsenal improved this but to select a large number of items fast the virtual arsenal is not well suited.

So I created a mission that allows a fast selection of items. After I stumbled over the LootTableCompiler of exile and noticed that I could easily adapt the output format to make it compatible with this tool.

The main features are:

  • Simple Mission in VR to allow a fast selection of items (weapons, cloths, headgear, ...)
  • Should support all mods (as long the naming system is similar to vanilla items, I tried some mods and so far it looks good)
  • Import/Export current selection via clipboard
  • Exile specific import/export mode to load an existing LootItemGroups.h file and to export it again
  • For each item the probability in each group can be set in game
  • Regular mode that generates an array definition in sqf that can be used in sqf scripts.



It's kind of hard to explain but I think this tools allows a really fast integration of new weapons for exile:

  1. Open the file LootItemGroups.h in a text editor and copy everything after line 50 to the clipboard
  2. load up Arma with all the mods you want to use
  3. In the mission there is a laptop, use the action menu to select exile mode (this makes all items spawn in)
  4. After that use the import option on the laptop to import the Group File from the clipboard
  5. Now you see the selected items on the right side, and the disabled items on the left side
  6. Walk to items and use the action menu to enable/disable them
  7. Enabled items have further options to configure the quantity for each group
  8. Export the current config to the clipboard, paste in a file and use the LootTableCompiler to generate the necessary hpp file
  9. (If you want to change things later you can reimport the settings you exported you in step 8)

I hope this makes sense and is useful. If something does not work/needs more explanation just reply here.

The mission is available on the steam workshop:

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