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Grid mode (constructions) and "disappearing" objects



I was in the middle of rebuilding my base. Moved 2 safes. Wanted to try out placing them in line using Grid mode. I did that. Placed them one next to another. It was nice.

Locked everything. Logged out. After restart one safe is gone! I'm like: "fuck it, got exiled, that's how it is, restart did that, lol" – lotta rationalization, even though I moved the safes 1h before restart and before logging out.

Moved 7 more safes #yolo. Moved a lot of walls. Restart happened. 3 more safes gone. 1 wooden wall gone. 2 reinforced walls (snapped to each other) gone.

All elements that disappeared were placed using Grid mode (key "2"). First reinforeced wall (of the 2 that disappeared) was also placed in Grid mode, second one was snapped on top of it. Both gone.

Few days later! I'm driving… Edge of the map. I see my walls and safes! 2km west from my base! 2 reinforced walls still snapped to each other, lol. The elements were all rotated by 90°.

It's the first time I used Grid mode to place anything. I've never had problems like that before.


Some of the walls and safes I placed in Grid mode have been moved from my base to the west edge of the map (by ~2km) + rotated 90°. It's all good when you construct things. Problems start after a restart.


Oh, the "question"… Is that a bug in exile or should I contact server admins?


That'd be it. Let me know if you need more information. Cheers!

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