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69WASTED Admin APP for Exile ExAd


This app requires ExAd:

WARNING: This app is Work In Progress and could have bugs. I can not ensure that all functions work save.  On public servers it could be better to use tools like infiStar.


  • Local debug console
  • Add items to your inventory (fully customisable)
  • Player teleport / map teleport
  • Healing
  • Max food / thirst
  • Reset body temperature
  • Access to Arma 3 Asenal
  • Repair Car
  • Flip Car



  • Copy all files in your Mission
  • Add following to your Config.cpp
    class ExAd_69Admin
        title = "69 Admin";
        controlID = 50700;
        config = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\config.sqf";
        logo = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\Icon_69admin.paa";
        onLoad = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onLoad.sqf";
        onOpen = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onOpen.sqf";
        onClose = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\69admin\onClose.sqf";
  • Add ExAd_69Admin to extraApps[]



Update Instructions

  • Replace changed files



You can modify the items in the menu by adding items with there class name to the array ExAd_69admin_Items.

The first column is the name that will be displayed, the second must be the class name and the third is the category.

A Category is added in the array ExAd_69admin_ItemsGroups, where the first column is the Displayname and the second the group name (the name that will be in the items array).



  • Add all correct class names for item spawner or find a better solution
  • Optimize isAdmin function
  • Add permission system
  • Add some function to unused buttons :P
  • Find bugso.O
  • ...



If you find a bug or have some suggestions for improvement open a new issue here or make a pull request.

Also you can leave a message here B|.


Apache License 2.0



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@Super Jerome could you provide more information?
Some items that are in the list have the wrong classname in the configuration file, so you can't add them to your inventory. Also if your inventory is full it does not work either.

If you click on the add button after selecting one item you should get following information. Can you confirm that?


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