[Release/Update] Exile Australia Mission File for 1.0.3 / Arma 1.70.

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I was asked to help fix the Australia mission file by @Johnny Cash, so here it is.

All I've done is updated the previous version of the mission to work with 1.0.3, as it was built for Exile 0.9.35 and was waaaaaay out of date.


  • Spawn areas all across the map! (So many spawn areas!!!)
  • Traders configured with ACD Traders. (ACD updated by @second_coming and originally by @[x] iDanich.)

Does not include:

  • Cement Mixers.
  • Lockers.
  • Roulette.

Github Link:

How to configure loot:

  • Make sure you're using 1.0.3b server files.
  • Replace your ExileServer/addons/exile_server_config.pbo with the one linked above.



  • Defent's Mission System (DMS) - Australia Ready - (By @Defent and @eraser1.)


To let only admin/approved players open the prison doors, you need to download the correct mission file, then open the mission file, go to the OpenPrisons folder inside the Custom folder, and add the approved UIDs to the commented area.

// Set Cop Level (Open Prisons)
_copUID = ["1234567890","0987654321","1357908642"]; // Change these!!!
if ((getPlayerUID _requestingPlayer) in _copUID) then
	_bambiPlayer setVariable ["copLevel",1,true];


Edited by kuplion
Updated for Exile 1.0.3..
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6 minutes ago, Zze said:

Hello and thank you for the release kuplion! one question tho, is it normal for the sky box to look like this?


Unfortunately so. I believe the next version of Australia map will fix it.

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Alright, well that is unfortunate.. only thing I that I dont like about the map other then there are some sliding doors that dont let you pass through :<  but owell still a beautifully done map.. thanks again!


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