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Arma 3 profileNamespace Security Flaw


So this security flaw in Arma 3 was uncovered a couple of days ago. For the last two days we've had someone on our server taking advantage of this flaw (confirmed in logs), however we had already followed the steps to correct it which we found in that blog post the day that it was posted, yet it hasn't seemed to have done anything. Our next step will be to configure it to ban anyone who attempts to take advantage of it - past that, I'm not sure what else to do.

I've placed the following within my init.sqf

execVM "custom\rgb_fix.sqf";

And I've placed the following into mpmissions\Exile.map\custom\rgb_fix.sqf

	if(typename(profileNamespace getVariable [_x,0]) == typename "") then {
		profileNamespace setVariable [_x,0.4];
		//--- BAN USER HERE 
} forEach ['igui_bcg_rgb_a','igui_bcg_rgb_r','igui_bcg_rgb_g','igui_bcg_rgb_b','IGUI_grid_mission_X','IGUI_grid_mission_Y','IGUI_grid_mission_W','IGUI_grid_mission_H'];

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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