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Hello all.


This past week i have tried to read and follow the sections on this forum and following readme instructions and videos too. I have also spent a lot time TRYING to learn and become better at servers and setting up. I did get little help from start and did have server up and running, But once i done wipe it caused a lot of problems and now made me reinstall whole server. So now need help and trying to get it going.


I'm using GTXgaming servers and looking to have these mods: CBA, CUPmods, Extended base mod, Statusbar, Hacking,VG. Nato russian. Niarms. I have infistar too. I am very new to doing servers but willing to learn and learn of best in here.


Looking for members that have had same problem overcome and help me long the way or others that no and able to help and give there time too. I did try do all meself before coming here but wow its a lot to learn and doing by me self.






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Hello Fluxy,


One of the best ways to learn and costs no money or players being pissed at ya, is to install in on your PC.


By doing this, you can learn/ modify, screw-up all you want to without harming anything or anyone.


Once you have your server 'just right', then you can rent one and upload  the files that they do not have and bam!  Your server is up and running!


If you do this, do note, you will have to change some things such as paths, ip addresses, etc., but there are not many and it is quick.  It is even quicker if you mirror the directories names/paths on your PC, this would be one thing less you have to modify, then it becomes just the IP addresses (game/DB).


Hope it works out for ya!



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