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Error: Bambi creation timeout



Hello, well today I am here because my server in exile began to give a well-known or not error.  Bambi creation timeout.

I've done all to see if he could fix the error, but nothing came of it continues to give and I do not know how to solve.

Error in the server console: 

"ExileServer - Player BaixoGamer (UID 76561198067850962) connected!"
"ExileServer - Starting session for 'BaixoGamer' with ID 'JAbXdDLm'..."
"ExileServer - Dispatching hasPlayerRequest for session 'JAbXdDLm'..."
Error in expression <llExtension _query);
(_result select 1) select 0>
  Error position: <select 0>
  Error Generic error in expression
File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16

If anyone know how I can solve was very grateful :)

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