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[SOLVED] People kicked for changing name

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One of my admins is getting kick for bad name, He then changed his name back to his old name and it worked again.


05-11-2016 21:18:43 | 0h 7min | Abradolf Lincler(76561198047985217) | BadName: Abradolf Lincler (KICKED) [FPS: 45.7143|THREADS: 14] (v0227)


Any ideas how to fix it?

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ctrl + f your infiSTAR EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp for "BadName" and you will find


/* Not allowed Names on server. Example: badNamesPartial[] = {"THE"}; would kick all players with names like "the car" as it includes "THE" (not case sensitive) */
badNamesPartial[] = {"admin","adolf"};


You can remove adolf from it or replace it with something else and he will be able to be named "Abradolf Lincler"

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